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   recreational-percocet vomiting
Wednesday, November 23 2022
I thought today would be a pretty easy one in the remote workplace, so I took a recreational percocet. That's a pill combining oxycodone with acetaminophen (the latter likely added to keep people from taking too many at once out of concern for their livers). As an indication of how slowly I've been taking these pills, this was one from a batch I'd received to deal with pain when I had the implant installed in my skull back in late June. And I still have a couple left. Part of the reason I'm not taking them at a faster rate is that they don't always produce a fun (or uniformly fun) experience. Today, for example, I had an hour or more of a good feeling throughout my body. But by the time I was cutting up more chestnut oak and hauling it back from where I've been salvaging on the bluff above the Stick Trail, that feeling had faded. I ate a bowl of Gardein "chicken" rice soup and then later some Ben & Jerry's vegan mint-cookie icecream followed by some gin mixed into some orange juice. Soon thereafter, I started feeling bad enough to have to take repeated breaks from my computer by lying down amid the cats on the laboratory beanbag. While trying to debug a particularly difficult ArcGIS bug (the proxy was being used twice to access a basemap), I felt a wave of nausea that didn't seem like it would ebb if I just went and lay on the beanbag. So I opened the window to the laboratory deck and, within seconds, vomitted a large amount of liquidy stomach contents. But I wasn't done. About thirty seconds later, I vomitted again. After that, though, I felt good enough to go back to drinking my gin and orange juice. This was the first time I'd vomitted in a very long time (I'd never vomitted when I'd had covid, for example.
This evening, I made my usual spaghetti dinner, this time with cauliflower cooked with the pasta and tempeh with the mushrooms and onions. The mushrooms were about as old as they can get before needing to be thrown out, and they'd gotten rather slimy. But fried up in a pan, they weren't too bad.
I went to bed fairly early, while Gretchen stayed up fairly late making chestnut soup, her contribution to a Thanksgiving dinner we'd be attending tomorrow.

I painted this tiny painting of a tulip tree leaf today.

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