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Tuesday, November 15 2022
At noon today, I found a big fallen and thoroughly-skeletonized chestnut oak high on the bluff just southwest of where the Stick Trail crosses the Chamomile. I bucked as much of it as I could into pieces until the battery on my big 19 inch chainsaw was exhausted. That left most of the trunk still to be cut up and gave me a heavy load to walk back home. While I was out doing these things, I made the mistake of eating what I thought was a smallish nugget of cannabis. It kicked in during group QA. Initially I was worried it would be too strong and that I wouldn't be able to function. But I did okay. If anything, the cannabis might've made me too chatty and I might've said a few things that are kind of stupid. But then again, when I'm on cannabis, I tend to be overly critical of myself.
Late in the day, I felt the need to moderate the cannabis experience with some alcohol. So I started painting a whimisical green dragon on an old credit card. At some point I wasn't too happy with it (though it turned out fine), so I painted an abstract human figure on an odd-shaped piece of wood. I soon realized the figure was a self portrait.

After work, I took what I considered a well-deserved bath. There was already another episode of The White Lotus available for watching, so that was what Gretchen and I watched when she got home. (We'd had our first snow of the season, putting as much as an inch of wet snow on the ground, and Gretchen was in the Chevy Bolt driving back from a prison near Gardiner, so I'd worried she'd get stuck in a snowbank somewhere. But she'd driven slowly and even managed to climb the steepest part of Dug Hill Road, which is the mile of it southeast of our driveway.)

Today's dragon painting.

This ended up being something of a self portrait on an odd-shaped piece of wood (leftover from a hopper system I'd made last December).

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