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Tuesday, November 29 2022
I felt somewhat better today despite the illness I've had since Sunday morning. At noon I even considered going into the nearby forest and salvaging some firewood, but then I felt something in my body that suggested this would be a bad idea. So instead I picked up dog turds in the yard (I've been putting them in one of the raised beds).
The day in the remote workplace was dominated by meetings, which I endured better than expected. I even got more done in group QA than I have when I was perfectly healthy.
This evening after work, I managed to get the tankless electric hotwater heater (which hasn't been working) to produce sufficient hot water for a bath by making it run rather slowly, apparently at a rate that the element can still heat. This suggests that the element might be clogged with precipitates or mineral build-up, something I might be able to remedy.
Initially I tried to sleep for a third night in a row in the laboratory, but I couldn't get comfortable on the beanbag. So I ended up sleeping in the conventional bed like a normal person. Fortunately, my nose didn't need to be blown much over night, and I only had a couple coughing fits.

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