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Saturday, April 1 2023
Initially it was rainy and cool enough for me to build a fire in the woodstove so we'd have a pleasant Saturday in the living room as we played Spelling Bee and drank our coffee. But then, in defiance of the forecast, the clouds parted and the sun came our and we had a glorious spring day, the kind where it was warm enough to walk around in a teeshirt. I'd arranged to go do a landlording chore, though, so I spent two hours of it in a dimly-lit basement.
When I was done, I called Gretchen to tell her. The plan was for her to immediately call in an order of Chinese food at Superbowl (the Chinese restaurant at the Uptown Kingston Plaza) and for me to pick it up about fifteen minutes later.
So I drove over to Beer Universe, the small beer store across the street from the bus station. I really wanted something like a Belgian Ale, but mostly what they had was IPAs. Eventually I settled on a four pack of Founders barrel-aged imperial stout (costing a shocking $22). When I got to Superbowl, my food was all ready to go. It had been packed in a cardboard box and weighed something like 20 pounds, because that's how Gretchen likes to order. Fortunately, it was already paid for.
Back at the house, one of the cats had apparently brought a garter snake into the dining room, and she was coiled into a defensive pretzel shape on the floor, lying on her back. I used a dustpan to carry her outside, and left her in a sunny spot so she could warm up enough to decide what to do next.

Later this evening, after having tried the various dishes she'd bought, Gretchen decided she didn't like any of the Chinese food. She thought it was too oily (despite specific directions she'd made when ordering) and the udon noodles were overcooked. So it's looking like I'll be eating Chinese food for the next several days.

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