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   don't actually need that farm jack
Wednesday, April 19 2023
At noon today, I drove out to Home Depot to take delivery of and then immediately return a farm jack I'd ordered last week. It hadn't come in time to help me recommission the dock at Woodworth Lake, and I'd been able to buy a similar jack from Harbor Freight. Since the same woman handled both the delivery and the return, I never actually saw the jack. Presumably they can put it out in an aisle for someone to buy (which they wouldn't normally be able to do, since it's normally not in stock). I probably could've done the whole transaction from home, but then I wouldn't've been able to buy a pack of 36 AA alkaline batteries and a set of socket adapters.

This afternoon, had a series of minor setbacks that came when I turned out that I'd accidentally set the upstream repository url of a local code repository to the wrong repository. This meant my commits were not being deployed to QA, so the guy doing QA didn't see my changes. I'd had much more luck building a watchdog system to log occasional networking glitches in a very complicated ArcGIS application.

Meanwhile my brother Don kept calling me with updates on that Lego crane he went into debt buying and now is putting together.

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