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Tuesday, April 11 2023
At lunch today I drove out to 9W and bought some boxes of 100-count Hannaford-brand tea, two bottles of diphenhyramine gelcaps, tofu, mushrooms, and crackers. I would've also bought peanuts, but I couldn't find them in the 9W Hannaford and I couldn't be bothered to ask. Then I went to Home Depot looking for a farm jack, but they didn't have any in stock. (I'm thinking I need a big farm jack for pushing the floating part of the dock back out into the lake up at the cabin.) That was one of the few times I went into a Home Depot without doing anything.

This evening as she was dealing with finding a tenant for one of our rental properties that would soon be vacant, Gretchen made a vegetable stew containing chickpeas and gnocci. She thought it was too salty but I thought it was perfect.

I have two battery-powered tools that I bought from Harbor Freight back before I realized that their batter-powered tools are complete crap. They came with NiCad batteries that had to be charged only for a certain amount of time or they would be destroyed (leading me to actually buy a 120 volt plug with a timer). I never use those tools, since those NiCad batteries stopped holding a charge after four or five uses. But today I tried running the little Drill Master power saw using an awkward wiring rig attached to a 18 volt Riyobi battery. It worked! So now I'm thinking I just need to build a Ryobi-to-Drill-Master adapter, and then I can run these crappy Harbor Freight tools off the batteries of my chosen (that is, Ryobi) battery-powered tool ecosystem.

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