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Sunday, April 30 2023

location: 800 feet west of Woodworth Lake, Fulton County, NY

I woke up a little before 5:00am this morning and was worried maybe my injury might've spontaneously bled all over the place in the night. But all I could find was two tiny blood spots (which I cleaned) on the sheet and pillow case. I then drank some booze, noodled around online, and then returned to bed. This time I had my injured hand in a plastic bag secured with a loose rubber band.

I woke up fairly late and made coffee and toast again (this time I was eating slices of a delicious garlic loaf I'd bought at the Amsterdam Hannaford). It was still warm enough in the cabin from the fire last night that I didn't feel the need to build one at all.
Eventually I went down to the basement and resumed the wiring project I'd started last weekend. The goal there is to electrify the space beneath the east porches. But today I kept encountering trouble as I tried to pull a romex cable through the hole I'd drilled last weekend. I kept drilling from both sides until I was able to get the cable to fit through. It was only then I realized that I'd somehow drilled another hole that emerged from the outside of the house two inches from the hole I'd initially drilled. After that, I was able to install the first electrical box beneath the porch.
It was rainy and unpleasant outside, so after that, I went up my office in the cabin's loft and did some workplace work I really should've done on Friday. We'd gathered so little electricity due to overcast conditions that I was forced to run the generator to get a little more juice into the cabin's battery. I also needed to top off the Bolt's battery, as that unexpected drive into Gloversville yesterday had consumed most of what I'd been able to put into the battery this weekend. I usually try not to use the generator to charge the Bolt, since that is worse for the environment than just driving a car with an internal combustion engine. But I really didn't want to hang out in the Albany Walmart's parking lot this evening, especially in this weather.

On the drive home, I stopped at a Johnstown Stewart's to buy a Stewart's-brand energy drink, a cup of salted cashews, and a bag of Fritos, the classic greasy corn chip from the 1970s. I was really craving the Fritos, though I shared them with the dogs as we drove towards Amsterdam. It rained nearly all the way back to Hurley, and this kept my speed low and my energy consumption moderate. I left the cabin with a range of 155 miles and arrived in Hurley with a range of 39 miles. (The drive is about 105 miles.)
I noted an abrupt transition to dense, lush foliage on the trees just north of the Catskill exit. There had been foliage north of there, of course, but it wasn't as dramatic. And back at the cabin (as you can see in yesterday's photos) it doesn't look too different from early March.

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