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Monday, May 1 2023

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, NY

At some point this afternoon I figured out how to add a bunch of logging to a web-based ArcGIS application (a complex geographical mapping system), which gave me some satifaction at the end of the workday. Then I drove out to the Downs Street mansion to install a replacement showerhead in 1R before the new tenant arrived. The old showerhead was terrible, producing a single anemic stream. So I brought one of the old rain showerheads from our upstairs bathrooms (which we're replaced during the tub remodel we'd done in the late summer of 2020). It worked nicely, but the L-shaped shower curtain rod looked like it was about to fall of the wall, and when I tugged on it, a ceiling support detached from the ceiling. I might have to make a custom replacement; when I later went to Home Depot, I found they only sell curtain rods that connect two walls in a straight (or nearly-straight) line.
I was at Home Depot to get some plumbing bits for the cabin's recirculator plumbing after having some thoughts about it since building it. I wanted ways to easily drain a solar loop if (or more like when) I build it, since I will be circulating actual water, not antifreeze. So in the winter months the heating loop will have to be empty.
Back home, Gretchen was air frying some potato wedges (which are reliably delicious when cooked that way) and cooking some vegan "meatloaf" from the Herbivorous Butcher.
Later I took a nice hot bath, which gave me an opportunity to soak the injury on my right pinky. It doesn't look too bad, though it is a bit swollen along the lips of the cut. It doesn't spontaneously bleed anymore, though it does ooze a clear or slightly-blood-tinted fluid.

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