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   May 2023

01: slightly-blood-tinted fluid - The state of my plumbing injury.
02: gorgeous state of unfurlment - Fern fiddleheads in the spring forest. Also, did my mother really set up a trust for my brother?
03: IOUs wiped out by lottery winnings? - The story of my mother's collection of hundreds of IOUs gets weirder during a call from Virginia.
04: what will Ramona think of Casey - Contemplating a third dog.
05: wood ducks on Woodworth Lake - Also, a good way to piss in semi-public when you have a car.
06: ideally I'd have a JSON API - But even measuring analog values is trick with the household battery.
07: outside of the sash turned in - How I replaced a broken pane of glass in a second floor window entirely from the inside without bleeding all over the place.
08: 20th Anniversary dinner in Troy - This annivesary was for our wedding.
09: Washington Park - Tulips, turtles, wood ducks, and flower thieves.
10: even bad pizza dough can produce a serviceable pizza - I couldn't find enough yeast, but the pizza was perfectly edible.
11: Casey in Bloomfield - We visit a prospective canine adoptee.
12: whimper of pure FOMO - Neville is off chasing a bear while we are trying to leave for the Adirondacks. Also, we meet a new neighbor.
13: teflon tape hell - A minor fail while trying to install a check valve at the Adirondack cabin.
14: phoebe-induced construction delay - I find the perfect excuse to procrastinate working on the basement insulation project.
15: ChatGPT makes the world even less mysterious - A typical use case in my professional life.
16: close encounter with gutter downspout - A little trouble driving the Forester through the narrow gap adjacent to Ray & Nancy's garage when I'm there to salvage firewood.
17: hundreds of feet of pipe - A lunchtime drive to Lowes and an afternoon drive to Old Hurley. Also, a painting of a manatee.
18: Bob from the 1930s - Neville the Dog leads me to a very old man in front of the house.
19: still light out at 8:15pm - We stop at Bar Vegan on our way to our Adirondack cabin.
20: sprouting beech limbs - Maybe you can put a beech stake in the ground and it will turn into a tree. Also, multiple hand injuries and stomach distress at the cabin.
21: the edge of solar capability - It was a little too cloudy at the cabin this weekend to charge the Bolt enough to make it home to Hurley.
22: maybe not branded for life - My three-week-old injury isn't looking as bad as expected.
23: coyote-fawn incident - The dogs interfere with a coyote trying to kill a baby deer.
24: Spelling Bee alternatives - Also, a tiny painting of an orca.
25: sunset over the Ashokan - Driving back from a Mexican meal in Bearsville, we stop to see the Ashokan from a new angle.
26: Redner's Supermarket - It's still the 1980s at this grocery store in Pennsylvania.
27: Maple the Dog prefers the outdoors - Checking in on the grim situation my brother Don is living in in rural Virginia.
28: cider and cannabis in and northwest of Staunton - Hanging out with my high school friend Eric in and around Staunton.
29: Don goes grocery shopping - But his trailer is sour with the smell of rotting food.
30: middle-eastern-tinged hours in Charlottesville - Visiting my childhood friend and eating falafel, among other things.
31: post-apocalyptic salvaging - I can't find any computer speakers for my brother to attach to his phone.