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Thursday, May 4 2023
I had a surprisingly bad hangover today that felt especially punishing near the end of the workday when Joe the Lead Developer told me that somehow the git history for our web application's code repository had once more been poisoned by bad history from a garbled code push I'd done nearly a month ago. This time it seems the culprit was a push Joe had done. I figured it would be fairly easy to fix the problem, but I didn't have it in me to do it today.
This evening after returning from a memorial for 90 year old book buyer (and huge Gretchen fan) who had recently died, Gretchen made us a meal of fancy dog-tongue-shaped whole wheat reginetti pasta with cauliflower, mushrooms, and a decadent vegan cheese sauce. Then we went together on a stroll up the Farm Road and back. The dogs even came along.
Before I went to bed, I sat nearby listening while Gretchen had a long conversation with a woman from a New-York-City-based dog adoption charity about a possible third dog, "Casey," a 14 month old black pit mix that had been rescued from a shelter in Tennessee. The woman was very talkative, had a strong outer-borough accent, and quickly took a shine to Gretchen, so it's looking like we're approved. The only question is whether or not Ramona (who no longer accepts new doggie friends) will be able to live with a new little sister.

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