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   even bad pizza dough can produce a serviceable pizza
Wednesday, May 10 2023

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, NY

At some point this afternoon after all my false leads had failed, Joe the Lead Developer managed to figure out why the print function in the mapping app was failing, which meant I could go back to working on more fruitful development work. So the workday ended on something of a high note. I then went down to the kitchen and proceeded to fry up a pan of tofu, mushrooms, and onions. That was toppings for a pizza I was making from scratch. I couldn't find whole wheat flower, so I used the white kind. And then I could only find a not-sufficient amount of yeast which might've been dead. To compensate for that, I added extra sugar to the dough and warmed it over a very low burner, hoping the yeast would go through a few generations of exponential growth. This didn't seem to be happening, so I had a fallback plan: a shelf-stable pizza crust I'd bought years ago (back when Powerful was still living with us). But after Gretchen came home and we opened that up, I tasted it and discovered it was no longer good. (I then had trouble flushing that unpleasant taste from my mouth.) So Gretchen made angelhair pasta as a backup plan and I continued with making a pizza despite the dubious pizza dough. The resulting pizza took a very long time to cook, but it ended up being pretty good. The crust wasn't great, but it was serviceable as a pizza substrate.
Later I unwound in the bathtub with a Chromebook.

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