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Wednesday, May 17 2023
I took a recreational 150 mg dose of pseudoephedrine today, and it actually made my workday more productive as I fought my way through yet more map-drawing code.
I wanted to be able to drink a little booze today, so late this morning I quickly painted a tiny painting of a manatee, using one of Gretchen's old credit cards as a canvas.

Today's painting.

Here's the double-flip version. Click to enlarge.

At noon today I drove out to Lowes because I'd discovered that they were selling 3/8 inch polypropylene pipe in 100 ft. rolls. It was less than $30, so I also got a 100 ft. roll of vinyl hose (which was more expensive but still less than $30), which I might decide to use instead for a possible hot water solar heating loop at the cabin.
Meanwhile I was tracking a half-inch check valve with designed to be directly soldered into a system. Since I hate and deeply mistrust taped & threaded fittings (especially after the fiasco last weekend), I wanted to replace the threaded check valve I'd installed at the cabin with this one. Today it was supposedly "out for delivery," but when the mail came, it was not there. Then the tracking told me that it was available for pickup. I didn't want to have to wonder if the valve was lost in the mail, so at around 4:00pm I drove down to the post office in Old Hurley and someone there managed to find the package containing the valve.
It's kind of frivolous to drive to post office just to pick up a $12 package, so I'd brought my handtruck so I could go over to Ray & Nancy's place to retrieve a large chunk of silver maple I hadn't been able to get into the load I'd salvaged yesterday. The only person at Ray & Nancy's place when I arrived was Eric the painter, and it's looking like he's almost done fully painting their house. It looks good, though I wonder if the light grey they went with is going to look dingy on an accelerated timeline.
On the drive back home, I stopped to add one of several large pieces of white ash that the power company or highway department had left on the side of the road. While I was wrestling that into the back of the Forester, someone at the house across the street (a house with a sign saying that a weapons dealer lives there) was shooting a smallish weapon. That house is far enough away from ours that such shooting would be barely audible, but down at the bottom of Dug Hill Road it was intimidating. The freedom to bear arms makes other freedoms seem risky to take advantage of.

After work, I made a big pot of bean-based chili that I beefed up with sauteed tempeh and onions but no mushrooms (as we don't have any, at least not of the fresh kind).

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