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Thursday, April 4 2024
I continued working on my remote control system today. First I added a couple new weather sensors to the small collection of I2C sensors it supports. Maybe some day I'll make it so it auto-configures to work with the sensor it detects to be present, but for now I have to tell it which ones to use. Later I added support for my new system of Arduino slaves. In my new implementation, any single remote control controller can have as many slaves as I choose to connect. I just need to compile their code such that they each have a separate I2C address. But I don't have to code that value into the master anywhere; I've made it so that I2C address is another value stored in the database, which is the easiest place to edit such changing information. So if I need a bunch of additional pins on a remote controller, I compile the code to the new slave with a specific address, hook it up to the master, and, to access the pins, I add the I2C address to the appropriate device_feature records.

This evening Gretchen and mostly ate fettuccine noodles sauced with a mix of varous leftovers, including last night's stew. It was pretty good.

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