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   sparkly purple at Madison Square Garden
Saturday, April 6 2024
Gretchen was gone all day today, doing lots of socializing and various other things in Manhattan. One of the things she'd be doing was tabling for the New York Abortion Access Fund (NYAAF) at an Olivia Rodgrigo concert in Madison Square Garden, meaning she'd get to attend for free. (We only know Rodrgio from listening to the local pop music station while driving around in our vehicles. We're not huge fans, but she's more talented than, say, Taylor Swift.) Meanwhile, it fell to me to do things like walk the dogs and prepare my own food. The weather was cool and fairly rainy, so I didn't spend much time outside.
Instead I hunkered down in the laboratory, continuing to improve my ESP8266-based remote-control/weather-monitoring system. I've been adding support for more sensors (the ones I happen to have in my surprsingly-diverse collection), which allows me to easily change what sensors I attach. I also fixed some bugs in the backend administration software. By the end of the day, I had it working well enough to add support for a pin on a slave Arduino (connected via I2C) and then test it by connecting an LED. I then changed pin values using the server-based web tools and confirmed that I was able to turn the LED on and off and also confirm that when I did so, it was alo making appropriate changes to the columns last_known_device_value and last_known_device_modified, which the microcntroller updates after it gets information about the state of a pin, thereby confirming that the change of pin state actually made it to the microcontroller.

I stayed up late drinking kratom tea and didn't get particularly sleepy even though I'd taken 150mg of diphenhydramine. I was still up when Gretchen got back from Manhattan after 1:00am. We talked about her trip, particularly the Olivia Rodrigo concert. She said that the attendees at the show skewed young, as one would expect (she's only 21 years old). The fans like to wear a lot of sparkly purple to her shows, and Gretchen tuned into this so well that when she later saw a youngish couple dressed in purple at a bar near Port Authority (she'd ducked into it to watch men's basketball to kill time before her bus), she asked if they'd been to the Rodrigo concert, and of course they had. She told them she'd been to the concert to table for abortion access, and they ended up buying her her drink (I think it was a Miller Lite).

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