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   April 2024

01: ghetto electrical wiring abomination - Something I'm not proud of high above the living room floor.
02: mummified bird in the skylight - Looking at an occasionally-leaking skylight up close at the Downs Street house.
03: retraining my reward system - After my chemical excesses last weekend, I've been trying to find pleasure in activities instead of drugs.
04: the easiest place to edit such changing information - Now my master Arduino doesn't even need to know the I2C address of a slave; it comes from the database.
05: New Jersey earthquake of 2024 - It wasn't strong, but I identified it for what it was immediately.
06: sparkly purple at Madison Square Garden - While I continue to tinker at my remote control system, Gretchen tables for abortion access at an Olivia Rodrigo concert.
07: pre-eclipse night at the cabin - We see the women's college basketball championship at a small Adirondack bar and are joined by our friend Kate.
08: totality east of Tupper Lake - Somehow the ten hours of driving was worth it.
09: dock deployed, 2024 - There's still snow on the ground but it's warm enough to throw open the doors.
10: minimal chili - Of the sort Stephen Colbert might throw together in the hobo part of his intro to the segment 'Meanwhile.'
11: Gretchen's fast new Badger - Her new Intel i7-based machine will apparently sleep 'when it's dead.'
12: second source of truth - At the cabin adding a way to change data locally on a remote-control device that normally looks to a server for the source of its truth.
13: local remote control - In this case asking ChatGPT how to process form data on an EP8266 was a huge waste of time.
14: rediscovering the high cliffs - After randomly stumbling upon them on my nascent Lake Edward Trail, I return a few times to gather geographic information. Too bad Google Maps is such a terrible tool for this kind of thing!
15: the location of the split rock landmark - It's several hundred feet north of the rediscovered high cliffs.
16: oat milk Pepsi challenge - I begin installing a minisplit in Ray's studio and Gretchen buys a carton of Hannaford-brand oat milk for us to try.
17: breading and frying marginal old tofu - Charlotte spends the day without Neville and I get more adventurous in the kitchen.
18: big hole through a brick wall - Further work on the installation of a minisplit in Ray's studio followed by a dinner prepared by Ray.
19: the elusive split-rock landmark - I drive up to the cabin without the dogs and gather some midden soil for gardening purposes.
20: a modern use for an ancient calculator - Their electronic brains aren't much by today's standards, but they have robust keyboard matrices.
21: hard April frost - Good thing I didn't plant sunflowers yesterday at the cabin. Also, getting cranky when I take diphenhydramine.
22: unblessed matzah - We end up having to drive to Rosendale for our last-minute Passover matzah, though it's not kosher for Passover.
23: a user interface from scratch - When I get it working, it feels like magic. Also, fighting with copper pipes and electrical wire on Ray's new minisplit.
24: the fragrance of crates of live baby chicks - Rice, asparagus, and a new kind of vegan ground-beef. Also, finishing off Ray's minisplit installation while Ray entertains a couple guests.
25: at the Avalon Lounge in Catskill - We saw the musician Stephen Bluhm and couldn't figure out why he has fans like Ray and Nancy.
26: annoying fly season - The downside of outdoor activities once it warms up in the Adirondacks. But the Cairo Hannaford had matzah after all the other supermarkets sold out.
27: an abundance of bulbs and a microcontroller miracle - I transplant some sort of lily to the cabin grounds and pseudo-EEProm suddenly starts working, though diphenhydramine prevents my brain from doing much.
28: local remote is working - I now have a system in place to easily control and monitor cabin systems within the cabin itself.
29: unpleasant firewood processing - Straightening up the yard while midges hover in front of my face.
30: machine-readable inverter data - Starting with logged serial data, I do a Google search that emboldens me to build an authentication scheme giving me access to long-sought solar data.