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Tuesday, November 11 1997



      hen I woke up at nearly two, I was pleased to find the motherboard had arrived. I won't bore you with the details of my geeky-geek day. Suffice it to say, it came in two stages, hardware and software. The modem installation was the only minor drama in the hardware aisle of the day. Alan of heinovision had sent me a 33.6 Kilobaud modem, and when I accidentally flipped the wrong DIP switch, the thing was useless until I discovered my error some hours later.

      Then, at Comet, I installed lots of righteous and useful software. This was all completely legitimate, since I am a registered user of every software package known to man, past, present and future. It's an anomaly that appears on my birth certificate somewhere.

      The new machine works acceptably. It certainly ought to, it runs Windows 95, has 64 megs of RAM and a 24X CD ROM drive. The only problem is its shitty dumpster-dived video card, which can only muster four bit output. That situation will soon be remedied.


      'd kept to my room all day as I worked on the new hardware. This was partly to avoid Matthew Hart, who was frantically trying to track down Sara's and Jessika's phone numbers for some sort of complicated rendezvous related to his upcoming New Orleans trip. Matthew also wanted me to go to the ABC store to get him liquor, but I had no interest in such things. I think he should fix the windows he's already broken before he puts himself in a position to break new ones.

      CJ, Matthew's redneck friend from Waynesboro, showed up at Kappa Mutha Fucka tonight, and he was another person I felt like avoiding (for entirely separate reasons). I do, however, hope CJ brought his morphine.

      Periodically I mention my old redneck buddy Josh Furr. Back in 1993, I made an After Dark screen saver module of him playing his speed metal drum kit with considerably more precision and timing than was his usual. I've just made an animated GIF version...

      josh.gif (41k)



one year ago

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