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   November 1997

01: barely repressed anger - Mad at slow talkers and friends of friends who barge into my room. Also, a show about people going postal.
02: news of a high school classmate - The internet clues me in on another long-lost personality, and Monster Boy moves out.
03: Monster Boy memorial blackout - A rocky transition in tenants leads to a power and phone outage at Kappa Mutha Fucka.
04: not voting on election day - My views on the futility of casting ballots.
05: strange sleep patterns - Unable to sleep after work, I play around with my music equipment. Later, I sleep for eight hours and dream of landing on a prison island.
06: entertainment systems - Matthew steals his father's stereo to reverse some of the bleakness, and I use an unusual night off from work to experience strangely vivid dreams.
07: useless little rainy day - Not much to say as I prepare to spend most of my time at work.
08: Jagermeister birthday - Cory the Former Coffee Cart Girl turns 23.
09: high tech future shock - I install a fairly current Mac at the old home place and wow my parents with its capabilities. Also, my psychotic brother's pride is boosted after he places 3rd in a foot race.
10: on Ally McBeal humour - A review of a strange new situational dramatic soap opera that I do not particularly like.
11: motherboard - I finally get a motherboard and can assemble my cool new computer system.
12: hypochondria - I hope I don't have a venereal disease.
13: an anomaly named Maggy - I decide that the thing on my ass, which I've named Maggy, is the result of a spider bite. Also, some stuff on the preservation of creations.
14: new toy - I own the best computer I've ever used. Also, the affect money has on creativity.
15: K-Mart shoppers - Wading into that desperate American world of the average. Also, a tough guy punches me in the nose.
16: indoors, in my room - There's no reason to go out when it's all here in my room.
17: myth of the unqualified hero - We were all losers at one time or another, or continue to be in various ways.
18: sugary surreal - My musings about a common American food item.
19: ecological illiteracy - About a woman who saddled the world with seven slimy larval humans in one day, and the manipulative practices of industry advertisers.
20: artifacts - An exploration of the artifacts of site promotion, love, sex, computation, and computational social interaction.
21: Union of a Man and a Woman - About Staunton's emo band. Also, stuff about Pansy Division and Maggy Donea.
22: playing hooky - After a surprise arrival of Jessika, I call in sick for the first time ever.
23: disposable friends - How Matthew Hart deals with adversity.
24: a neuter bihuman - Matthew Hart and Angela can easily be addressed as a single entity.
25: hot & throbbing - I get a cold and Kappa Mutha Fucka is toured by prospective renters.
26: sick at work on Thanksgiving Eve - Nothing much motivates me as I recover from a head cold.
27: bachelor feast - What I ate by myself on Thanksgiving.
28: vegan leftovers - Cory takes me for a walk to eat some leftover vegan Thanksgiving food. Also, I chat with Monster Boy.
29: wishing to flee - More bad stuff about the needy selfishness of Matthew Hart. Also, a server crashes in a bad way at Comet.
30: repair and death - Fixing things, depressing dreams about my parents, and musings about death.