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   March 2003

01: microgeddon - We drive to Virginia for the first time since buying the house in Hurley, New York.
02: Staunton does Shakespeare and Italian food - I am amazed by Staunton's Blackfriars Theatre.
03: shrimp and poetry - Also - issues about my mother's weird psychological pathologies.
04: the presence of shredded onions - It can make even dismal gas station food taste good.
05: big-D Democrat - I get a NY State Driver's license and register to vote.
06: mindless tinkering - Fixing a Windows 98 machine by getting weird with the address range of its modem.
07: possibilities of a single transistor - They're creatively intimidating, but not like a pile of Pentium motherboards.
08: tell-tale white light - Partying at Mary Purdy's new Woodstock pad.
09: the cruel superficiality of youth - Getting beer without a picture ID at the age of 35 upstate.
10: blah factor=high - So I take drugs and drink tequila.
11: self-feeding attempt - I put shredded soft tacos in my ministrone soup.
12: melt her down to make smart bombs - Things to do with a large metallic French gift in a post-USA PATRIOT world.
13: ninety percent logistics - Planning for the night before meal while Sally snacks on chicken breast meat.
14: old policy of quizzing - Getting more jumbo LEDs at Radio Shack.
15: surrounded by good neighbors - Talking about the scheduled war and eating a St. Patrick's Day meal with various neighbors.
16: trampoline spring - It's finally warm enough for jumping on the trampoline.
17: debilitating pressure - A nice day a little before a distractionary war and I get a headache.
18: Noah loves jazz standards - He goes and sticks his head right against the speakers when they're on.
19: English-speaking dentist - It's good being able to talk about the state of one's mouth.
20: another nasty imperialist bully - Our mighty nation invades a pipsqueak dictatorship in an effort to further our own descent into fascism.
21: being to individuality what veal is to cow - Shock and awe in Iraq while I graduall fall prey to a head cold.
22: voice of someone who has stopped asking questions - General Tommy Franks giving a news conference.
23: Flash plotter - Programming with a head cold.
24: off to Africa - We fly out of JFK, headed for London.
25: sunny day in London - We waste hours of layover exploring west-central London.
26: Johannesburg, South Africa - First impressions during my first day in Africa.
27: Soweto - We tour this famous crucible in the global struggle for justice.
28: Southern Cross - Driving eastward to the lowveld.
29: Khoka Moya - The staff manages to destroy my camera charger, but I get to see some big game anyway.
30: the road to Nyalaland - Gretchen leaves her backpack at a dusty cafe but manages to recover it an hour later.
31: the many flavors of bush meat - The first day of our walking safari ends with a conversation from a vegetarian's nightmares.