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Thursday, March 6 2003
It snowed again today, so much so that I feared Gretchen would get stuck at the SPCA, where she'd gone to do her weekly gig of cat petting. Meanwhile I was learning all sorts of new ways to monkey with a Windows 98 machine's constellation of device drivers. I'd brought home a woman's laptop because it was incorrigible, and felt like all the king's horses and all the king's men trying to get all its parts to work in harmony. What finally made it work was to get in there on the PCMCIA modem's "resources" (it's in the Device Manager) and then changing the "memory range" to some random non-default value that wasn't in conflict with anything else. For me, it wasn't any less of a cargo cult ritual than kicking a television set, but somehow it worked. That's the thing about computers; they're really no different than any other device, and sometimes mindless tinkering is the way to solve a problem.

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