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Monday, March 10 2003
I had a problem today with a client whose computer could get on AOL and check AOL email but couldn't make it onto the whiz-bang information superhighway - you know - the schminternet. I've never seen such a thing before - does anyone have any ideas?
The day had an unusually high blah factor - an unpleasantly success-free housecall (due to he aforementioned issue), weather typical of mid-winter here in mid-March, and a strange thing where my vintage oscillator produced foul carcinogenic odors instead of RF oscillations. [REDACTED]
[REDACTED] My thousands of MP3s mostly bore me these days, but there are plenty of undiscovered gems in there, downloaded with abandon back when I had broadband and explored the collections of strangers. Today's discovery was Queens of the Stone Age - a basic hardrock band caught somewhere between the traditions of Led Zeppelin and Clutch. They have newer stuff that is way too overproduced and poppy for me (I've heard it on the radio and I haven't liked it) - but their obviously older stuff, songs where the vocals are nearly drowned to obscurity by the guitars - that's the stuff I like. Favorite tunes include "Regular John" and "Morocco."


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