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Saturday, October 11 2003
Now that a good network of trails is well-demarcated through adjacent forests, my demarcative efforts occasionally take a turn for the weirdly creative. My mindset throughout the whole process has been to create naturalistic art whose authorship is cloaked in plausible deniability, like crop circles. "No, I have no idea who could have made those stick trails. It looks like something that would have taken a dozen strong men several years to build. I personally think they were installed by aliens. Or witches perhaps."
Today I added a peculiar landmark to one side of the trail about a third of a mile from home. It consists of a thirty-foot canoe-shaped bubble in the side of the stick pile with perpendicular sticks (like ribs) placed regularly across it. This is the sort of structure that one might easily overlook only to notice with a start - since there's no way for it to be there naturally. That moment of recognition, when a person realizes that an arrangement of natural objects is actually an artifact, fascinates me. The examination of that moment was probably the best thing about the Blair Witch Project.

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