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Monday, October 13 2003

Like most Americans, I didn't realize it was Columbus Day until I tried to make use of a government service. I wanted to take care of the traffic ticket I got the other day for my truck's dead tail lights, so I went to the Hurley Town Hall (which has a microscopic court inside it somewhere), but the doors were locked. I had no idea why this would be until a burly truck driver (are they ever anything but burly?) told me about this being a national holiday.
This particular Columbus Day was similar to yesterday (Columbus Day Eve) in that Gretchen and I both did errands together in regions to the south, but this time there was no dog walking, there were no carpets to look at, and there was nothing to do in Rosendale (and thus there were no tempeh reubens). I returned the healed computer to the mutual client while Gretchen returned a printed manuscript. Then we went to visit our new friends Lily and Rich, who live sort of between this client's house and our place. This gave Eleanor and Sally an opportunity play with their huge white dog Scout. Lily is quasi-ill most of the time and Rich is extremely busy doing freelance copy editing, so we (or, more accurately, Gretchen) have had to be proactive in this friendship, which had its origins in a mutual concern for animal rights. We sat outside in the warm autumn sun as the dogs raced around and played, talking about things related to what we do (copy editing, computer repair, organizing, landlording) and what we'd like to be doing (being published or otherwise successful). It's kind of hard to know what to do with these, our new friends. They're very insular in their little world of copy editing and being sick, and it looks like it might be a lot of work to maintain them as friends. They give me a new perspective on this problem and I can finally have sympathy for all the people who struggled to be my friends over the years.

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