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   no crosses in this menorah
Thursday, October 16 2003
This morning I showed Gretchen a new trail that busts a left off the Stick Trail and proceeds on to the heights of Canary Hill. From there we walked over to the Canary Hill Trail through unmarked wilderness, along a ridgetop with a beautiful quasi-ærial view of the Esopus Valley.
Later Gretchen headed off to New York City for a few days while I continued working on the copper tube menorah project. I went out on another hardware store run looking for special cross-shaped copper fittings, but nobody stocked them. I got the feeling that nobody even makes them. Eventually I decided that this was a message from the materials that there aren't supposed to be any cross shapes in this particular menorah. It makes sense to avoid cross shapes in a decidedly non-Christian artifact, particularly when the materials themselves forbid it.
I spent much of the evening working on the menorah, nearly finishing it by the time I went to bed. There were still a few things that needed attention (particularly the finish, but also some structural flaws), but its overall shape was done. [REDACTED]

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