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Wednesday, September 1 2004
I continued with the trench project in spurts throughout the day. It's not an easy task to decide to do on a whim or as a break from the computer, because I always end up filthy and covered with mosquito bites. I now have nearly six feet of the eight foot wall exposed all the way to the southwest corner and there's still no sign of the gravel drainage bed shown in the plans.

I heard some snips of the Jenna and Barbara Bush twins speaking at the Republican National Convention and it crossed my mind that here, shining through the scripted dopeyness, was the embodiment of everything that is with wrong with Bush DNA: it's mean, it's WASPY, it's lazy, it's willfully ignorant and incurious, and it has an unusually inflated sense of entitlement. These are traits that make a person into an asshole on even on casual acquaintance basis, but (as evidenced by the existence of a two different Bush presidencies) it apparently resonates well with what passes for democracy in this country. Happily, though, in their presentation, the Bush twins demonstrated the Bush genome's fatal flaw: they overplayed their hand. Even conservatives in the crowd were seen to cringe.

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