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   uncermoniously into the soil
Thursday, September 2 2004
I expected to find artifacts in the excavation of the new trench, but the only obviously manmade object so far is an old rubber drive belt for a vacuum cleaner. I also found the funnel end of some plastic sheeting hanging down into the cave that bends around the house's southwest corner and ends on the outside of the house's west foundation wall. This sheeting seems to collect surface runoff and inject it uncermoniously into the soil where the basement wall has been leaking. This must have been the water I heard rushing through the soil the other day during the big thunderstorm. What sort of moron would design a drainage system that collects water and pours it against a section of basement wall? These are the sorts of questions that make subsequent occupants hate former owner/builders.
All this digging has scraped up my knuckles, blistered my hands, and ruined my fingernails. You could take a black and white photo of my hands and win some sort of "bourgeois appreciation of the working man" photography award. I'm not trying to win an award, so these are in color:

I've been wearing those copper chains continuously for nine and a half years.

Bev, one of the friends we know through dog walking, had us over this afternoon for cocktails. It's a dog-friendly house, so brought all three of ours (including our guest dog Carlos). Gretchen had to leave early to go on some other social call and I installed Bev's computer (because it was partly a business visit). At some point we saw a geyeser of water shoot up from a hole in the yard and we realized that Bev's septic system was on the fritz. Going back home, I had all three dogs with me in the cab of the truck. Somehow they all managed to scrunch together in the passenger seat.

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