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   September 2004

01: shining through the scripted dopeyness - Things wrong with Bush DNA.
02: uncermoniously into the soil - Things one finds when excavating around a foundation.
03: that Republican convention - Post-convention funk and wet with muddy sweat and mosquito bites in my trench.
04: Ithaca, NY - Gretchen and I drive to Ithaca for Labor Day.
05: Fingerlakes - Gretchen and I visit falls, play minigolf, and listen to rock and roll on our way back from Ithaca.
06: geometry of the trench - Standing in a south trench and reaching around a corner to dig the west trench, I'm forced to use my left arm.
07: living the back in school dream - Taking an intermediate Spanish class at the local community college.
08: cozy in a trench in the rain - Standing in a south trench and reaching around a corner to dig the west trench, I'm forced to use my left arm.
09: scale of the crack - I unearth the real source of basement dampness.
10: foundation audit - Comparing the blueprint to the actual foundation and a thought about the allegedly forged GW Bush National Guard documents.
11: wanting to slump - The behavior of mortar in a large hole in a wall.
12: had I backed that equipment - Not handling Portland cement in a non-injurious manner.
13: Republican restaurant - We dine at the Heritage near High Falls.
14: flimsy technologies - Shitty aluminum gutters.
15: Rosh Hashana road trip - I have the time to drive solo to Virginia. Also, more user interface complaints.
16: hey who's on trial? - Beaver dams, fatherly MRIs, and a review of the band Interpol.
17: record roulette - Hanging out with Jessika and Scotty the Hillbilly Werewolf in Charlottesville.
18: shiraz and equinox - Attending a hippie block party in Charlottesville, VA.
19: ticket in Esopus - I get pulled over by NY State police on the way home from Virginia.
20: emancipated - Told that my remote employer can no longer pay me.
21: weather dependent tasks - Can't asphalt when the walls are wet, but they're wet for days after it rains.
22: rapeseed and asphalt - I start painting the sub-grade foundation wall with asphalt.
23: bassy Fly by Night - Also demanding things of the Creator after tracking asphalt across carpet.
24: lemonade of Yom Kippur - Gretchen and a neighbor take advantage of their goyish husbands.
25: looking Finnish - Yom Kippur ends and I try a babushka on my head.
26: Jersey everything - A review of Extreme Makeover, Home Edition, and various visualizations.
27: drywall voles - I conclude my gravel hauling and start piling soil into my drainage trench.
28: power preemption - My watching of a women's basketball game is abruptly truncated by a power outage.
29: mouse roof and front yard, gone - I spontaneously dig another trench.
30: When Focus Groups Attack - Watching the wives of the two presidential candidates at the first debate of 2004.