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Friday, November 19 2004
I spent most of the day spreading thinset on the Wonderboard behind the woodstove and slapping up sheets of field stone for the new, more rustic heat shield. I started with rocks as thick as an inch at the bottom and quickly moved up to thin laminates higher up. Though flat in appearance, most of these laminates were actually rather warped and I had to use large amounts of thinset to stick them to the backplane of Wonderboard. I had surprisingly little difficulty with rocks sagging or sliding sideways once I stuck them up. Since this is a vertical surface and no one will be walking across it, I didn't have to worry about creating a smooth surface. Indeed, leaving little voids and a variety of level mismatches between pieces created a universe of possibilities for the placement of tiny microsculptures (members of my Red Rose figurine army, for example).
Gretchen called when I was about three quarters of the way through saying she'd lost her car keys and could I please come pick her up at the Catskill Animal Sanctuary. I had a bunch of wet thinset spread out and abandoning it for the amount of time necessary to drive to the northern edge of Ulster Township was impossible, so Gretch had to enlist the help of Julia, CAS's salaried factotum.
I hadn't eaten anything since this morning, so Gretchen fixed me a couple of meatless hotdogs. That solved my basic desires, but some things couldn't be easily remedied. The thinset seemed to do more damage to my hands than I'd experienced from a simliar exposure to Portland cement or concrete. I also developed some pains in my lower back, probably a consequence of positioning large fallen tree trunks along the Stick Trail while walking the dogs this morning. That and the fact that I'm not as young as used to be.

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