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Sunday, November 28 2004
We experienced a cold downpour all morning and the dogs didn't want to go outside. It ended up being a good day for teevee and we took full advantage. Gretchen and I watched three Tivo'd episodes of Mujer de Madera and then out usual Sunday Night programming.
The rain this morning was unusual in that it was driven by a strong wind from the East. I almost never see rain streaming down the east-facing windows of the master bedroom, but I did this morning. Ours is a temperate latitude and I expect prevailing westerlies, much as people in the subtropics expect trade winds.
After a bath with one of the new rubber duckies from Good Vibrations, Gretchen told me, "I invited one of the new ducks into the bath with me and I have only two words to say, "Hel-lo." "But that's only one word," I protested.

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