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Friday, April 15 2005
When I wasn't running around to Woodstock and back making housecalls, I spent most of the day peeling the flesh off the earth in the place where the new bluestone path will run. I took advantage of several of my errands to scout for and retrieve bluestone from two old quarries. First I obtained a huge sheet of very thin bluestone at the West Hurley Park. Then I found a whole mess of smallish bluestone fragments piled up beside an old mine near the south end of George Sickle Road (which is in that empty triangular part of the map between Woodstock, Saugerties, and Kingston). Its a varied region full of rotting barns, light industry, semi-abandoned farms, stone mines, trailers, and the occasional upscale housing development featuring your usual oversized vinyl-clad houses (or, if you prefer, "homes") on undersized lots featuring DirecTV dishes, decorative stone accents, and bulldozer-damaged trees.

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