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   April 2005

01: freerange feet - I learn why my feet look the way they do and I begin ripping up asphalt for a drainage project.
02: robbing the children of curiosity - Seeing NuChristianity marketed at kids and complaining about grocery labels.
03: Esopus Valley flood - A hundred year flood isolates us from civilization to the East.
04: jackhammer weather - I rent an electric jackhammer mostly to cut asphalt but then use it on a rock reef I expose.
05: rockbreaking skill - Like any other skill, it improves with practice.
06: muddy arm of the sea - Also, comparing rock obliteration to a martial art.
07: vacation from non-existence - In which I compare life to a vacation.
08: two sides of Eleanor - Lassie one moment, a stereotypical Pit Bull the next.
09: shock collar - I buy a radio-controlled device for dealing out punishments remotely.
10: two adjacent households - Dining again at the downhill neighbors' house.
11: some sort of miracle - How can the well supply line avoid being frozen beneath only eight inches of soil in the Catskills?
12: familiarity of that frame - Some people pay a monthly fee to AOL just so it can serve as a cloying frame around their internet experience.
13: the Magic Flute - I see Mozart's last opera at the Met in NYC.
14: slightly in one character - Waking up on the Upper West Side and ending the day with more digging.
15: empty triangular part - Where to find the bluestone.
16: final phase of flooding response - It takes two weeks after massive rains and flooding for the drainage tile to be sold out at local hardware stores.
17: majority of our rural enclave - A dinner party with a handful of our liberal neighbors.
18: subset of my typing fingers - An experience with unusually caustic concrete.
19: orientational malfunction - It works but only when it sits a certain way.
20: 4-20 roadtrip - In which we don't smoke pot while driving to Gretchen's parents' house.
21: afternoon in Adams Morgan - Again at Meskerem and Tryst.
22: strategic master stroke - Microsoft and Intel get a free upgrade cycle just from malware, all because Microsoft didn't spend money on perfecting security.
23: food contamination - Wherein I discuss my contamination neuroses as well as those of Judaism.
24: 33 in New Jersey - Forced off the turnpike by congestion.
25: new Woodchuck - An antenna webcam and a brain transplant for my main machine.
26: not that personal reward - I don't drink a beer after working my ass off all day.
27: kicking butt on Fording Place - A man yells at me for crossing his scales..
28: more sand - I gather an enormous amount of sand and gravel at Fording Place and then attend a dinner party in Hurley.
29: Woodstock barbecue - Where Gretchen gets a teeshirt advocating casino gambling in Woodstock.
30: Nu Metal in the park - Trying to sneak some bluestone out of a local municipal park, I encounter a potential witness probably at least as concerned about being witnessed as I was.