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   final phase of flooding response
Saturday, April 16 2005
It was a good thing that I got my drainage tile when I did, because I noticed when I was at Lowes today it was all sold out. The only pipe they had remaining was the kind without perforations, and it was all cracked and useless. I actually needed the kind without perforations, and I managed to find good pieces at Home Depot. But even they were sold out of the perforated kind. I suppose that what I'm seeing is the lag between when flooding damage happens and when people do something about it. I'd bought my drainage tile during the height of the early-April rains, when the water was rising and people were still in their "Jimmy Sue! Fetch the Bible and granny's photo album off'n the floor and put it up on the top shelf!" phase of the response.

This evening Gretchen prepared an elaborate vegan meal for J & D, our two friends from Willow, the folks who run the other, still nascent, farm animal sanctuary in the area. But they were tired from a full day of farm chores and ditch digging (their ditch is much bigger than ours: four feet deep and 600 feet long) and they started getting sleepy after three courses of food and a couple beers. J never even got around to regaling us with a tale of her artificial leg.

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