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Monday, April 18 2005
I know that wet concrete is hard on my hands, but often I can't really do what I want to with it unless I handle it directly. Today, though, the concrete (freshly bought from Home Depot) proved more caustic than usual and made my hands look a little like they belonged to a mummy. I developed painful lesions on the tips of my left ring and middle fingers and for comfort I was forced to swab them with hydrocortisone cream. Typing with them went from difficult to impossible.

This evening as I waited for the concrete to set I took a break from ditch work and did some sit-down computer work instead, typing with a subset of my usual typing fingers. I had a plan to build some sort of content management system for a client, and at first I thought I'd just make some modifications to the backend code of and customize it from there. But then on a whim I did a search for exisiting PHP content management systems and found there were quite a few in existence, some that could even do their business entirely in the file system, without needing a database (a bureaucratic hassle on other people's servers). The system I settled on was called FileCMS, but it was badly broken from the start in that it required, for example register_globals to be turned on, which can be a serious security vulnerability.

The ditch today.

A different angle. That's Sally in both pictures.

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