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Friday, July 1 2005
The drywall burial project is part of an overall effort to raise the elevation of a low spot in the yard such that existing drain tiles will begin to take away any water flowing into it. Today I took the dogs with me to the east bank of the Esopus at Fording Place to get a load of sand to help with my intended contour modifications. While I was loading the truck, a couple SUVs crossed the ford going from east to west, the first time I'd seen anyone actually ford in over a year. Evidently the Marbletown Highway Department has fixed the flood damage that had made crossing the ford a dubious proposition. Though returning home via 209 was a little out of my way, I wasn't confident enough in my truck to attempt a ford myself.

The news that Sandra Day O'Connor is retiring came first as a shock and then gradually I felt a familiar dread creeping over me, the result of multiple bad experiences at the hands of recent national politics. Ever since Bush was first selected, the American system has made the stupider choice each time it was presented with a fork in the political road. At this particular fork, when it's Bush's chance to replace the "swing justice" on the court, it's really hard to imagine this going well for anyone who doesn't think the Rapture is coming in the next five years. I shudder to think what kind of country the United States could become if the wetdreams of our homegrown mullahs were to come true. Perhaps we'll find out soon enough.

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