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Wednesday, July 13 2005
For those interested in the progress of my case of Lyme Disease, rest assured that I'm taking my antibiotics (100 mg of Doxycycline twice a day) and will continue to do so for another couple weeks. The rash is gone, though the skin where it once was is still a little pink and flaky.

Late this afternoon Gretchen and I went swimming in the pool at the downhill neighbor's place. Every year they've stressed to us that we could use it any time we wanted to, which is a pretty good deal when you think of it. It's close enough to walk to without walking on the road, so it's almost like it's in our yard. Yet we don't have to worry about it or maintain it at all.

We went to dinner at the Tillson's house in Tillson, ostensibly to eat Mr. Tillson's special chili and play a new Italian card game, but we never got around to doing the latter. We ate chili and corn bread with chilled white wine out in the back patio area, which is an array of big flagstones possibly obtained years ago when the beautiful bluestone sidewalks of Rosendale were replaced with concrete.
At some point I mentioned an idea I have of stealing a bunch of troop supporting and America blessing magnetic ribbons and cutting them up to spell out the words "fuck you." You can make just about every letter in the alphabet just by cutting a ribbon the right way.
Somehow the topic changed to the rabid nationalism of Puerto Ricans, and how they like to drive around Brooklyn in their PT Cruisers with picnic-blanket-sized Puerto Rican flags flying from both sides. This gave me an idea for the perfect Puerto Rican bumpersticker: "Puerto Rico: Leave it and Love it."

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