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Tuesday, July 19 2005
Today was the day that news came out that Bush had found his WASPy male replacement for Sandra Day O'Connor on the Supreme Court. It's always bad news whenever Bush does anything (as opposed to when things are done to him), so I was thrown into something of a funk, particularly given the timing: it had clearly been done as a distraction from the media frenzy surrounding Plamegate. The Bush administration is such a master of media manipulation that one has to regard anything they do as some form of jujitsu. But they're so weakened by their tendency to mortgage even the near future for modest immediate benefits that their jujitsu has to be a constant flurry of stabbing motions outward, like a castle full of knights being balanced on a pogo stick.

Tonight, in payment for some now-forgotten favor, our friend Julia took us out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, El Coqui down on the Rondout in Kingston. I'd spent the day in Highland and New Paltz and was exhausted from frustration at the hands of a Hewlett Packard printer and a needlessly complicated Linksys print server, but I was buoyed and jolly from the fact that it was now all in my past.

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