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Tuesday, March 18 2008
I gave up on trying to remove the remants of the bolts from the flange upstream of the new intermediate pipe in my Civic hatchback's exhaust system. Instead I got under there with my arc welder and welded bolts at their heads to the cut-off bolt remnants such that the backwards-pointing threaded ends of the new bolts passed through the holes in the flange of the new intermediate pipe. That's the kind of thing that arc welding makes possible. It completely upsets the rules of materials science I'm used to working under.
As I was working on this project, Susan the German translator (who now lives in the City) and her new boyfriend Hanvey showed up. Susan still has to come upstate periodically for court matters related to her ongoing divorce from the Catskill's most celebrated contemporary jazz musician.
At Susan's suggestion, the three of us went out for lunch. We would have preferred the Reservoir Inn but it was closed so we had to settle on the far less simpatico Hurley Mountain Inn, a restaurant where I can at least get a good plate of fish and chips. I don't remember what all we talked about, but the vibe between the three of us was excellent. Hanvey, who was intrigued by my various projects, even brought up Make Magazine, which he loves to read even while feeling he lacks the skills necessary to do any more than that. Like Susan, Hanvey is a translator, though his other language is French and he also is fluent in Chinese. Those are some skills I don't have.

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