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   feline springtime
Wednesday, March 26 2008
Today temperatures climbed into the 50s for the first time in over a week, and coupled with occasional moments of sun, the weather was tempting enough for all five cats to take turns being outside. Cantankerous Wilma went out on the south deck and sunned herself for a good fifteen minutes. The Baby (aka Marie) went on a wide-ranging expedition through the unkempt wilds east of the house. Silvia the black cat could be seen rolling around in the driveway, making herself grey with dust. At some point I saw Stripey (aka Julius) with a freshly-killed vole he looked intent on eating. As for Clarence, his feline springtime was many weeks ago, and I don't know if I saw him at all until evening.
I don't know if it was the springtime or the experimental Celexa regime I've been trying, but I was feeling pleasantly energized. Interestingly, though (and perhaps this really does point to a chemical source), the energy compelled me to do the sort of dull jobs that, while essential to life in our complex society, do not especially excite me. At one point I went through all my credit card statements for 2007 tallying up tax deductions for my home office. (Included in my deductions was that Compaq laptop I bought on Ebay this summer, since the idea was for me to use it for work from remote locations.)
For me, cooking is a lot like tax homework, and in keeping with the spirit of the day I did some cooking without Gretchen even having to ask me. I cooked up a wat (an Ethiopian curry) of mushrooms, onions, and tofu. I wasn't following any sort of recipe; I just threw together my favorite ingredients and then went through the spice cabinet sniffing around for spices that suggested Ethiopia to me. The "wat" ended up a little odd, but Gretchen loved it. I think food always tastes better if someone else prepares it for you.
This morning I'd awaken with a dryness in my throat that later matured into sniffles, and by evening I was passing foul-smelling gasses (it wasn't as bad as it can be, but it was nevertheless bad enough for me to stick my ass out of the covers every time I fired one off, since I prefer to sleep with the blankets over my head). I thought maybe I was coming down with the flu, but perhaps these were yet more symptoms of the Celexa. (The throat dryness, not the foul gasses.)

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