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   March 2008

01: idea for a firewood sled - Dragging firewood home across the snow.
02: rubbery vegan substance - I sample rice cheese.
03: disobjected - I prefer things that can be used in numerous different ways.
04: names of nonexistent rock bands - I mention a list, a shortcut of which I keep on my computer desktop.
05: less of the non obscure stuff - Yo Yo Ma at UPAC.
06: steel like butter - I overcompensate for weak welds by turning my welder up to eleven.
07: held together with dust bunnies - Working on a screwed up computer in a run down neighborhood.
08: opportunity for in-house disposal - I open up a hole into a virgin in-house void.
09: a little more breakfasty - Two couples attend brunch and a forest walk at our house.
10: elephant tool - I devise a simple system for injecting stryofoam popcorn into the ceiling.
11: slow rain of new sticks - Maintaining the Stick Trail nearly five years out.
12: three wood sorties - I salvage wood and then Gretchen and I attend a religious debate at Bard College.
13: bounds of my metallurgical experience - Experimenting with different metal-altering heat technologies while replacing a muffler.
14: understanding the mullet - My long hair proves an irritant as zap away at steel with my arc welder.
15: pyramid of cupcakes - I meet someone who worked at the cult-like dotcom where I too worked back when I lived in San Diego.
16: falls open to recipes - A well-used cookbook.
17: why not stainless steel? - More fun with muffling. Also, a documentary about a kid sentenced to life in prison for a murder he probably didn't commit.
18: upsets the rules of materials science - Things made possible when using an arc welder.
19: shaved head mojo - I shave my head and take it for a test drive.
20: drabbest, most unmemorable - Smash Lab sucks and South Park rocks in a whole new way.
21: latest slow boat from Shanghai - A big bottle of wine, wading into a sour-smelling dollar store, and neighborhood dumpster diving.
22: television therapy - Getting over a white wine hangover in front of the tube.
23: familiar song sound test - Listening to cock rock through the floor.
24: fun with a spectroscope - Perhaps looking in neighbors's windows at night with this tool to see the sort of illumination they use.
25: too much of a novelty - A friendly pizza lad and being on Celexa.
26: feline springtime - A warm day of cat happiness and Celexa duty.
27: making cables in front of a teevee - It's best to do this job during a podcast or while listening to a radio.
28: strong ethernet cables - Networking inside a prison.
29: without really noticing the nastola - Cleaning inside a refrigerator before a vacation so the house sitter won't gag.
30: Sansa honeybees - Flying into Costa Rica.
31: first monkeys - Good food, trashy reading, and monkeys along the Costa Rican coast.