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Saturday, March 22 2008
It seems Barefoot Pinot Grigio isn't as gentle as other white wines with which I've had experience. This morning when the FedEx guy dropped off a package and I stumbled out the door to admonish the barking dogs, my head felt as if it was held in an enormous cast iron C-clamp. The FedEx guy was the same guy it always is, a friendly Carribean guy who only plays religious programming on his delivery van's stereo. He carries a box of dog treats and today had managed to quiet Sally and Eleanor with these (and perhaps prayer) alone. He shouted a hello and asked how I was and I lied and said I was fine. I'd forgotten I'd shaved my head the other day, and he probably thought I was suddenly recuperating from brain surgery or undergoing chemotherapy. I certainly felt like it.
I spent the day watching teevee, mostly episodes from Season Four of the Wire and Some Assembly Required, one of the handful of Discovery Channel programs not dedicated to pseudoscientific paranormal research. Some Assembly Required is like How It's Made in that it documents the manufacturing of some odd collection of products, though it's an hour long and so more in-depth. It also features an actual host, which makes it seem a lot less cold. The writing is also better, relying more on goofy humor and less on groan-inducing puns.

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