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   north morning sunlight
Sunday, June 1 2008
It's that time of year when I can wake up, walk into the laboratory to use the flushless urinal for my first piss of the day, and there will actually be sunlight streaming in through the lab's window, which faces nearly due north.
This evening our two elderly neighbors from the west ("the Greenhouses") came over for champagne and sweets to be consumed on our south deck. This was in belated celebration of our combined defensive purchase of the 14 acre strip of land behind our respective properties (Gretchen and I ended up with 12 of those acres and the Greenhouses only ended up with two). The Greenhouses are great gossips and epic busybodies; it was amazing the things they had noticed just in our lives, let alone the lives of others. Their powers of attention and observation put Santa Claus to shame.

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