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   full on head cold
Friday, June 20 2008
Tonight at our place it was pizza and beer friday and our friends Ray and Nancy were up from Brooklyn to attend. They'd be spending the night before continuing upstate to attend a wedding. We all ended up watching Jeopardy, The Colbert Report (which we find preferable to the Daily Show these days), and part of the Strangers With Candy movie. My illness, which today felt more like a full on head cold, was now acting like a small millstone around my neck. I'd been able to eat pizza and drink beer, good signs that seemed to indicate an improvement from yesterday. But I was still being weakened by something and once it was dark outside I couldn't even keep myself propped up on a couch. By about 10:30 I was forced to crawl into bed.
Ray and Nancy, who have been living in Park Slope since before Gretchen moved there in the early-late 1990s, are now looking more seriously for an upstate weekend place.

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