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   temporary illness-induced aversion
Sunday, June 22 2008
I was in front of my computer this afternoon when I realized I just couldn't sit there comfortably anymore. It didn't help that I've been forced to sit in an uncomfortable folding wooden chair because Marie (aka "the Baby") insists on sleeping in my swivel chair and I'm too much of a pussy to kick her out. But the main problem was that my head cold was affecting my whole body. Compelled by an intense craving, I looked around the house hoping to find some sort of fruit juice but turned up nothing. So I did something some of you may remember from the days of $1.59/gallon gasoline. I drove into town to get precisely one thing: juice.
Of course, while I was there I ended up buying some fruit, Purely Decadent vegan "ice cream," and even a some lemons. (Gretchen uses a lot of lemons in her vegan cooking, and it always seems like we've freshly run out of them.) I also continued my search for vermiculite, which I want to use as a material in the refractory of a metal-melting furnace, but came up with nothing.
Back at the house all I could do was watch teevee and drink orange juice. At some point I felt so bad I needed to lie down, and when I took my temperature I found I had a fever of 101 degrees Fahrenheit. I ended up taking a prolonged nap and awoke up hungry, but the only thing I wanted to eat was vegan ice cream, this being the opposite of my body's temporary illness-induced aversion: warm, savory food.

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