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Wednesday, October 1 2008
Though cloudy and cool for much of the day, at least it didn't rain very much and I was able to do some work on my greenhouse foundation project, where I'm at the point where I can start creating things (as opposed to simply enlarging a void in the Earth). At first my work consisted mostly of cleaning out the dirt that had sloughed off the walls of the hole (in other words, yet more void enlarging). Later, though, I lined the hole with a material that allows the passage of water but holds back particulate matter. I only had a little bit of that sort of material (leftover from the massive sidwalk-and-driveway trench project of 2005), so I had to go to town to get more. Herzogs didn't have the stuff I wanted, but they did have a durable plastic film designed to suppress weeds while allowing moisture through, so I bought a fifty by six foot roll of that.
Though the sun was setting as I drove home, I was able to install the roll before it became too dark. Lately I've noticed a complete absence of mosquitos on these cool autumnal evenings we've been having. Just a week ago those little fuckers were torturing the hell out of me as I crouched over the drainage trench, a phase of the project that already seems like an age ago; that trench has been filled in and the disturbed soil has vanished beneath sifted pine needles and twigs and assorted autumnal debris that has started to rain down upon it.

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