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   two power outages
Tuesday, October 28 2008
There was a storm passing through this morning featuring not only wind and rain, but also sleet, which rained down loudly on the deck and against the metal of the woodstove chimney. I had a fire blazing in the woodstove to keep the chill at bay, and there was no way to continue work on the greenhouse. Unfortunately, my options were further limited by an ongoing power outage. I ended up reading the New Yorker and hanging out by the fire. Power was restored sometime this afternoon, and I greedily consumed all my favorite election-related news sources. Meanwhile the wind was howling menacingly outside. I don't like being in the laboratory when there's a strong wind blowing because of a large damaged White Pine with lingering 14 year old bulldozer damage just north of the house. Were the wind to be blowing powerfully enough in the right direction, that bad boy might just land in my lap, roof and flatscreens certainly not withstanding.
We were actually getting off easy; the storm was an unusually early regional Winter storm that ended up dropping over a foot of snow in places like the Adirondacks and Vermont. Power outages were widespread throughout the northeast, and repair crews had difficulty dealing with them in a timely manner.

This evening Gretchen and I were watching a Tivo'd recording of My Name is Earl when the power failed again, and again we returned to 19th Century forms of entertainment. In keeping with the period, I read the the New Yorker by the light of a kerosene lantern. But Gretchen wore a headlamp featuring an invention that dated the contraption to 1994 or later: a white LED.

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