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   October indian summer
Friday, October 10 2008
When Gretchen left for work at noon today, that would be the last I'd be seeing of her for a few days. She'd be continuing down to Maryland to attend her 20th high school reunion. I continued work on my concrete foundation project, finishing the south wall with three eighty pound bags. For that last bag I had to make a trip out to Home Depot, where I bought two more bags and five concrete blocks. Concrete blocks cost less than five cents per pound, slightly more than the four cents per pound that concrete mix costs. By contrast, gasoline costs $0.60/pound, Hurricane Kitty beer costs $2/pound and gold costs $13,700/pound.
I should note, by the way, that October indian summer continues undiminished, with a bright hot sun, clear blue skies, and temperatures hot enough for me to want to work shirtless. It's a little strange to be surrounded by such increasingly vibrant foliage while comfortably working shirtless right through the sunset.

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