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Monday, January 17 2011
When Gretchen suddenly drove off to Massachusetts yesterday, she'd forgotten to tell me that I would be dogsitting Deboarah's dog Juneau all by myself today. Juneau arrived this afternoon and I began dogsitting. I had him as a ready excuse when I wanted to beg out of someone's dinner invitation, though even if I'd wanted to go Junueau would have made it impossible. He wasn't here more than a half hour before he'd pissed on the green carpet near the first floor computer, an act Deborah describes as "pee pee dog." Juneau has been pissing and pooping indoors more as he's gotten older. He usually doesn't it more than once or twice and then he's good for the duration, but it's still annoying, particularly once you see how glow-in-the-dark yellow his piss is when he urinates outdoors. It's not the kind of treatment you want for your carpet, though it's orders of magnitude better than cat piss.
This evening I was watching Ghost World as recorded off the DVR from basic cable, and I could tell it was heavily censored, so I used Bittorrent to download a mostly-intact copy (it had some video glitches). At this point there are few easier ways to get a movie; cable television in this case served only to remind me of the existence of a movie I'd enjoyed in the past.

During the night, Juneau paced around the house like senile old man, coming and going multiple times into the bedroom, sometimes whimpering and always panting (being mostly Malamute, he finds room temperature — even our room temperature — sweltering). I'd go to let him out, but it was obvious he didn't really want to be outside either. This happened several times and gave me one of the worst night's sleep in recent memory. Deborah had given me a couple large bottle IPAs for my trouble, and I think she got her moneys' worth.

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