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Thursday, January 20 2011
Deborah and I planned to throw a 40th birthday party for Gretchen on Saturday. We'd coordinated on a few items, which was sort of working, though overall I had the impression that both of us are the kind of people in a chain of command who carry out orders instead of making them. Throw Nancy (of Ray and Nancy) into the mix, and we had enough of a case of too many indians and not enough chiefs to require Gretchen to step in occasionally to serve in an executive role.
As part of my duties on the party committee, I'd agreed to bake a cake and make an enormous pot of chili. The party would be at our house, which Deborah had agreed to help me clean. Usually cleanup (both before and after) is my only role in the throwing of a party, though for this one I'd be doing a little less of that and a lot of food preparation.
To get all the supplies I needed, today I made a massive multi-store provision run cum errands. The latter included mailing packages (one to Oregon, the other to Hong Kong) and putting three checks in the bank. Because I needed fresh plums, I first went to Adams. It's a good place for produce, but commodities like Red Rose Tea (which I needed) cost about 25% more there, so I also went to Hannaford. Customers in an Adams look like grocery store customers as depicted in a mainstream Hollywood movie, whereas those in a Hannaford, well, they're often odd enough in appearance to provoke a double-take, even in the less ghettoey Hannaford out on 9W (where I was today). Surprisingly, though, in front of me in the Hannaford checkout line there was an attractive future hockey mom (sans lipstick), and I noticed she was buying tempeh (in addition to free range chicken breasts).
While I was out, I also stopped at the liquor store to get $75 worth of booze to resupply our depleted liquor cabinet (the top shelf one in the kitchen, as opposed to the bottom shelf one in the laboratory).

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