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Wednesday, January 26 2011
While I was right in the middle of debugging some rather complicated stuff, the company I mentioned yesterday decided to overwrite the development database with a copy of the live one. This had the effect of shitting on my effort in multiple ways that couldn't be resolved, giving me a reprieve from work. Unfortunately, the project manager continued with his regularly-scheduled phone calls, though of course I had nothing to report. I had the feeling that such tight regimentation of his calling was something he'd learned in a book called something like Project Management for Dummies.
It was good that that project receded to the back burner briefly, because I had two past clients suddenly awaken from dormancy to demand things from me. One was related to a credit card that couldn't be accepted (the name on it included an umlaut, whereas the name in our database had a non-umlaut spelling). The other involved running into the limitations of Godaddy's Microsoft shared server enviroment (a requirement that is no longer necessary since migrating out of Cold Fusion). I wonder how people with 20 recently-active clients have any free time at all in their days. Even with sites that should "just work" there are inevitably little glitches like this, any one of which is likely to consume an hour of your time.

I was so hopped-up on web development that this evening I waded into the probably-doomed speculative web-scheduler project I've been working on for the past year, finding and fixing a number of deeply-buried (and surprisingly vexing) bugs.

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