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Monday, January 31 2011
After another harrowing day of being remotely projectmicromanaged in the teeth of a project from hell, tonight I went to Ray and Nancy's house for dinner. I did so by myself, giving Gretchen some much-needed alone time. On the way over, I made a detour to Hannaford hoping to replenish my depleted pseudoephedrine stockpile. But as with the Hannaford on 9W, the Ghettoford in Kingston had no pseudoephedrine. (I hope this isn't because of some new anti-methamphetamine-precursor crackdown.) While at Hannaford, I bought other things that had excited me lately: Goya canned hominy and Goya canned jalapeños.
At Ray and Nancy's house, I was the only guest. Ray had made a dinner of delicious melt-in-your-mouth overbroiled zucchini with black beans and rice. I wanted a little additional heat, and somehow Ray had fresh jalapeño peppers (I would have settled for Sriracha). At some point in the dinner, conversation turned into a question and answer session where I filled the role of web technology expert.
The reason I'd come to Ray and Nancy's place tonight was to see The Bachelor, which Nancy had promised was getting "hotter and bitchier." It certainly was, and it was entertaining to watch (in the context of friends to whom I could make snide comments, an example from tonight being: "She was a fetal alcohol syndrome baby!"), but it was also utterly forgettable television.

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