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   Media Thursday
Thursday, April 21 2011 [REDACTED]
I continued work on the greenhouse awning, sheathing it with a top layer of flat, featureless galvanized steel. I bent down the outside inch of the steel on its north and south ends so it would hug the underlying wood, allowing me to fasten it in place without putting any screws through its top (rained upon) surface. Later I fixed up a shoddy east side of the plastic roofing that covers the phonebooth-sized greeenhouse entryway, integrating it a bit with the new awning.

The new awning over the door. Click to enlarge. Note the daffodils, which I rescued from being shaded out by young White Pines on the septic field knoll.

For me, this evening was Media Thursday. Gretchen was gone, television was mine, and I was coming off a day of alcohol abstinence with a large bottle of IPA in the refrigerator. These were the perfect conditions for watching two Storage Wars and a Mythbusters.

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